A Commentary Track for your Data Warehouse

Have you ever seen a movie with so many twists and turns...

...that you had to rely on the DVD's bonus commentary track to understand what actually happened?  The commentary track gave the director the chance to set the context and explain the decisions they made during the movie's filming that led them to do what they did.

Many users of today's data warehouses have the same problem.  The objects in the reports seem familiar, but the transformation logic was authored by someone else and is hidden away leaving them scratching their heads when the numbers don't quite add up like they think they should.  That lack of background can cause distrust in the numbers or worse, a lack of adoption across the organization.

This week, we're at Educause 2015 debuting our new product Squarehouse Commentary™ to solve this problem.  

We've been hard at work building Commentary™ to enable subject matter experts to easily participate in the DW documentation process and for end users to get access to that information directly from the reports they're already using.  Re-invigorate your data warehouse with Squarehouse Commentary™.  

Stay tuned for a general availability announcement and I hope to see you at Educause 2015!

Matthew C. Kelly

Founder, Squarehouse Data Solutions