Squarehouse Commentary™ has launched!

Make Your Data Warehouse More Valuable in Minutes! 

Let us show you how!

Squarehouse Commentary is a data warehousing documentation and metadata platform built specifically for Microsoft Analysis Services and specifically to tackle the problems I saw institutions struggle with time and time again. 

  • Do you have users who look at reports and are confused by complicated terminology?
  • Do your users get lost in your reporting tool because there are so many dimensions and measures to take in?
  • Do you have missing or out-of-date data model documentation?
  • Do your users even know how to access your data model documentation? 

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re not alone, and we have just released a product that will help.  Request a demo today to learn more about the compelling features that make Squarehouse Commentary an essential companion to your current BI\DW reporting solution!

Matthew C. Kelly
Founder, Squarehouse Data Solutions