Squarehouse Commentary™ is a new and unique data warehousing metadata management platform built specifically for Microsoft Analysis Services.


Squarehouse Commentary installs as a companion to your existing Analysis Services reporting solution as a modern, responsive web interface that imports all of your Microsoft Analysis Services (SSAS) data models in minutes.  

From there, this simple, clean website acts as your enhanced data warehouse semantic layer enabling agile management of key metadata like:

  • Business descriptions
  • Dimensional attribute sample values
  • Institutional goals and objectives 
  • Data model object lineage
  • Dimensional attribute change policies
  • Design decisions
  • Transaction system source
  • ETL Job source
  • Support documentation and much more...

And because Commentary is tightly integrated with Microsoft Analysis Services, descriptions and links to metadata content can be published back into your Analysis Services database enabling on-demand context-sensitive access to metadata directly from your existing SSAS cubes.  Metadata is now just a tooltip or a right-click away from your existing reports enabling you to get the right information to the right audience at the right time.

Commentary is an essential communication tool for your data warehouse and provides the core capabilities required by broader enterprise initiatives like Compliance and Data Governance


Squarehouse Commentary is a modern, mobile-ready website that installs and imports your Analysis Services data model in minutes.  The simple, clean interface and intuitive inline editor make finding and updating what you need quickly and easily.  

But this is much more than just descriptions...

The Commentary Attribute model is extensible allowing you to add custom descriptors of various types to any data model element to support the needs of different audiences or workflows like Data Model Validation, User Acceptance and more.

Objects that depend on each other are automatically derived as Related Objects allowing you to logically browse documentation "across" the cube.

Commentary is built specifically to manage database change over time.  The Sync Manager automatically migrates documentation forward when importing a new version of the database.  It also derives the list of database changes virtually handing you the roadmap for validating a new version and adjusting documentation accordingly.

Commentary's proprietary Publish Manager allows you to push documentation back into the cube enabling on-demand context-sensitive access to documentation from today's Analysis Services reporting tools.

Squarehouse Commentary™ is an essential companion to your existing Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing reporting solution.



Microsoft SQL Server
Analysis Services (SSAS)

  • SSAS 2008 R2
  • SSAS 2012
  • SSAS 2014
  • SSAS 2016

Commentary supports Analysis Services instances in Multidimensional mode